Happy St David’s Day


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What do you want from me?

..said one of my sidekicks at work today. A fair point I mused, but then quickly answered before moving back to the important job of thinking about this blog! (Sorry boss, if you’re reading this!)

But after reading a post elsewhere about the frequency of blogs of late, I thought Id chuck the question out to you, my dear, loyal readers.

What do you want from me? If you ask, I can then plan how I deliver on it!


Tunnel Cam and moments of sporting camaraderie

Just watched this Tunnel Cam footage from the England v Wales game and while there’s only so many times watching people going in and out of the changing rooms can be entertaining, I’m glad I held out!

At the end I saw something that reminded what I love about our game and presented a clear difference between us and our roundball comrades = Sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Bearing in mind the previous attritional 80 mins, the semi-controversial end when England could have snatched a draw, and the presenting of the Triple Crown trophy to Wales, we then saw the players crossing the tunnel to congratulate their opponents and to swap shirts. Real respect shown by a number of players – Warburton, Lydiate, Croft and Robshaw showing real respect which clearly spans both versions of the Severn Bridge/Crossing.  Didn’t realise these things still happened, but so glad they do. Great traditions that should forever be part of our game.

Have a look for yourself here:


With thanks to the rfu.com website for the footage

6 Nations – a few views

Pants – I just lost this whole post! Not amused!!


1) Dave Pearson was wrong to recommend a Yellow Card in the Ire v Wales game. Should clearly have been a Red card and, having worked with Dave before and know what an honest guy he is, I’m sure his review will have come to the same conclusion.

2) Steve Walsh has some fans – lots of people landed here yesterday after searching for him and his marital status!

3) Wales deserved the win yesterday although fairly pants game (I was sitting in the North Stand). Thought SW had a good game form where I was sitting, although not sure why he didn’t go back for the penalty he was playing advantage from when the TMO rules no try. Maybe he just forgot, but in any case, based on previous 79 mins, I doubt they’d have done anything productive with the ball.  After all, that would only have created the opportunity for a draw, not an Eng win!

4) Wales, by the skipper’s admission, will have to play better than that when we beat France in a few weeks time. I have a £5 bet on Wales to win the 6 Nations so they better had!!

5) Im going to enjoy me week, especially as my sidekick from work was there supporting the losing side! Ha!


…has it really been so long since I blogged properly! So it would seem. Apologies for the 50 or so of you who seem to drop by every week to see what pearls of wisdom I may have to offer. I’m hoping the twitter feed keeps you entertained at least!!

So what’s been going on in Refblog world? Well life as a 4 person household continues to keep me rather busy, and that darned nuisance that is work doesn’t help either!! Boy boys continue to thrive – just wish the littlest hobo would sleep!! We lucked out in that department again. Hey ho – they’re both fit and healthy and that’s the important thing. Sleep can wait…

And the rugby? My inability to train to the appropr standard has taken its toll but I’ve been trotting about still and am really enjoying the games I’ve been involved in. Have been honing my AR skills at Champ level and then in the middle in Nat 2. The absence of pressure that comes with being in the pro world that is the RFU Championship is great (although I do miss it and want to get back there – I think!!)!! Been a few years since I regularly reffed at this level and it has it’s own challenges. Decided early on not to drop my own standards but to try and encourage the players to play to me. On the whole it’s worked. The main area it hasn’t has been in verbal dissent. It’s evident that some of my colleagues clearly allow the constant appealing and chat from, and between, players. Not banter, but sledging. Not a fan and I try and manage before the game, but sometimes the message doesn’t get across. Learned behaviour and all that. Please guys – just play the game. Fellow refs – please don’t let it get into our game. In the now famous words of Lord Owens of Pontyberem: “This is not soccer”!!

And on that point, the littlest hobo has once again fallen asleep on my shoulder so I’ll leave you to your Sunday.

Happy whistling!!

At the going down of the sun

We will remember them.

And so to us…

…. in 2015. Something to tickle your fancy….

Going to be a big surge in rugby n the next 4 years. And somewhere along the line, someone will realise we need more referees to help the game flourish. Will your Society/Club be ready?

Nice to be back

Had my first run out at Panel level yesterday and, after a ring rusty start, really got to grips with the whole refereeing thing again.

While I’ve missed that Saturday morning/lunchtime trip up the A3/M27, it’s been great to be at home supporting Mrs R and doing normal family stuff, and watching the micro people growing quickly! I guess that’s what you normal people call a “weekend”.

But yesterday, I headed east, along the A27 into sunny (not) Sussex.

Reacquainted myself with my usual front row brief patter, and the good chat and banter that is the AR briefing. Good game ensued, home win secured with BP and the most important thing the losing coach had to discuss was about the use of the technical area. More than happy to listen to his problems if that’s all he had for me…

Not suffering too much this morning, so can’t be that old and out of it! Just got to get cracking with the fitness and get back into tip top shape.

Hope everyone else has had a good start to the season, whether whistling, playing or coaching.

Stay well

Refblog Jnr II

A little remiss of me not to have posted this here formally, but in truly awesome news:


The Refblog family expanded last Saturday and we welcomed Isaac into the world. Weighed in at 7lb 10 and was born here in Refblog Towers at 2205.

All doing really well

Nearly over!

Well, a long season is nearing an end. I’m honoured to have been asked to referee the Sussex Cup Final this weekend, which will be a nice way to end the season. These games are great and always good to be involved in. Will be a lower level than Ive done this year, but the players wont care and my job is to make sure they get the result they all deserve – and as ever, to try and stay away from controversy!

One when that’s done, a new dawn will soon be breaking in the Refblog household. Refblog Jnr II is due to put in an appearance in a few weeks so it’ll be back to less sleep, and trying to do a good job of being a daddy and helping Mrs R! Should be fun! Does mean Im popping this reffing malarkey back in its rightful place down the priority list. Too often, its not – not something Im particularly proud about but they (the Refblog family) are the most important thing. There’ll always be rugby, and matches to referee. But for a while, Ive got more important things to focus on. Looking forward to it and will keep you updated.

For those in play offs, or Cup Finals, or tournaments – Good luck and enjoy!!