Drugs in rugby

What a sorry state of affairs is coming out of Bath RFC. Party gets out of hand. Drugs allegations and fighting rumours emerge. Leading player leaves immediately. Now 3 more players have left the club, moments before the club say they were due to attend a hearing into their refusal to take drugs tests. They say this is utter nonsense.

Who knows what happened then and since, but this whole thing is very bad for rugby as a sport.

These 3 guys can only do one thing to stop the link being made – but will they? I think they should – for the good of the sport.

So what should the RFU/Premiership rugby do next? Complete tests for all squads in the professional game? Unannounced for sure. I don’t know if it would be allowed, but it would sure root out if there was a problem in the sport we all love.

I hope this is cleared up quckly before rugby becomes like cycling in the eyes of the paying public.