To ban, or not to ban?

It seems that the the French RFU are playing an interesting game relating to M. Dupuy’s 23 week ban for gouging. According to a article I just read, the French authorities are meeting to discuss whether to make the ban count in France. Erm..don’t all applicant clubs sign up to the rules before the competition start?

Stade Francais president Max Guazzini said this.

“A private company based in Ireland [European Cup organisers European Rugby Cup] is preventing a salaried club member from working and playing [in France],” he said.

Erm.. Yep! That would the private company based in Ireland, whose competition you applied to enter? Surely you can’t be on both sides if this? You either play by the rules, or you don’t play the game??


Heineken Cup Final

Well, Im 38 mins in (on Sky+) and I cant say how much Nigel Owens has impressed me. OK, so there are a few  things looking at his positioning, but he’s having an excellent game – in my humble opinion. Bang on with pens – the gimme’s he’s taken and the game is flowing really well. Spot on with the yellow card. No option.  Early foul play pen to set the standard. Good stuff.

Leicester score. Where is Owens? Right there. Not bad for someone supposed to be overweight and slow around the park. I might have to see who is fitness advisers are!! 😉

Hope the 2nd half is as good!

UPDATED – it was. Still think he got it spot on. Too often, these big games turn out to be a big disappointment. Glad this one didn’t and we had a match official team adding value to the event. Good stuff!!