Long day

County championship game yesterday up north so did my (no familiar) fly drive option. Just means getting up and 5 and getting home at 11.30, but hey ho.

Was a really good game. Visitors started strongly and looke dlike it was going to be a rout, but home side held on and fought back, if not in terms of points, but in spirit.

Sometimes the CC can be rubbish with lots of players unfamiliar with each other with no training coming together. At least this year they arent competing with any ELVs.   Yesterday was far from rubbish.  Could have had a couple more yellows, but it just wasnt that sort of game. One delib knock on left me absolutley no option – but the chat afterwards was that it should have been a pen try as well. Didnt think the pass was going to hand anyway, so I didn’t. Oddly the captain only mentioned this during his speech after the game when he’d been knobbled by the support. No callls of PT on the pitch at all.  Makes me think I was right after all!

Hopefully my next one will be as good. Fortuneately, its only up the road (SW London) so it will be nice to leave home at 11.30 and be home by 6!