Sponsored post – ebuzzing launches in UK

ebuzzing is a new tool being rolled out here in the UK.  I’ve been registered with them for a while – you know how it is when you have a blog and you see something that suggests you might just make some money from your blog. Firstly, I guess I need to say  that I have no ambitions to make a profit from blogging, not the slightest reason why I first started this off. I guess the money I get for writing this blogpost will cover my annual cost for hosting the domain and the various add ons I use here. Might also get to buy Mrs Refblog a bottle of cider!

This seems like a relatively easy way to get started. Firstly, do as I did and register on ebuzzing.com. They then marry up your site with what their advertisers want and then suggest that you might want to prepare a sponsored post flogging whatever it is they are offering and you get some £/E for the pleasure. Easy eh?!?

There are different options you can choose to start the money coming in. You can either use:

  • Video campaigns with a dedicated player [Now that I can show videos I might start doing this!]
  • Video campaigns using “syndicated players” and banners : player and banners
  • Articles written about brands and services that you want to recommend to your readers

Example of how videos sit on your blog.

More than 800 advertisers have proposed campaigns to bloggers with the help of ebuzzing such as Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV, LʼOréal, MasterCard, Toyota, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, eBay, Canon, Diesel, Warner Bros, Philips, StudioCanal…  Not bad company!!

For bloggers, ebuzzing is a way to make money by monetising their blogs thanks to video postings and content creation.

Worth giving a go? I think so.
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