IRB Law ruling – when does game end?

Following the recent Wales v Scotland and the Wales v France games the WRU have saught clarity ove rthe end of games when there has been a score and time is close to being up:

11 March 2010
Ruling: 2: 2010

Request from the WRU
The WRU request a Ruling related to time at the end of a match:
The request for a Ruling arises from the ending of two recent international
matches and is in relation to the way a restart takes place following the
referee’s communication that it is to be the “last play” of the match.
If the ball is kicked directly out on the full from the restart it should be left to the referee’s discretion to decide whether:
(a) If Law 10.2 (a) Intentionally Offending has occurred
(b) If Law 13.8 Kick offs/ Restarts has been fully complied with.

The Laws relating to Kick Offs/Restarts for 15-a-side matches would benefit
immensely from the variation to Law 13.7, 13.8 and 13.9 currently operating for seven-a-side rugby, which are quite specific, in that, it is a free kick to the nonoffending team should a team infringe the above.

Ruling of the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee
The Designated Members have ruled that if there has been a score towards the end of the game and there is time for the kick off to take place but time will expire immediately after the kick and the kicker:
• Does not kick the ball ten metres
• Kicks the ball directly into touch
• Kicks the ball dead on or over the opponents touch-in-goal or dead ball

The referee will offer the non-offending team the options provided by Law 13.7, 13.8 and 13.9 respectively and the match continues until the ball next becomes dead.


For once, an unequivocal ruling. No grey in there!