Well, I was quite impressed. Obviously I was the token bloke in a room full of wimmin folk, but in my line of work (professionally speaking), that’s not uncommon to me!

Not sure I can say I got a whole load from it but it was a beginners session so lots of basics sorted out. Found my body shaking in some of the positions but I guess that only goes to prove the point of me doing it.  Going to take a while to go from zip to top class core, but I can see what it would provide.  Sure there could be other things I can be doing outside of the hour long choll out, and the lady did say she ran individual sessions which are more dynamic.  Will see how things progress in a few weeks.

Nothing for me today as a) there’s not much happening in league rugby this weekend, and b) Im on duty in the Garden of England tomorrow upsetting one area of another in a county cup final and then on Monday night Im due to travel west to visit one of the A league sides. The way the weather forecast is looking and the fact that the A league has been a bit of a farce this year isn’t making me confident of getting 80 mins, but you got to hope! Earning some brownie points with the Present Mrs Ref so will be in the Midlands visiting friends.

Have fun, whatever you get up to today.



PS – Good luck especially to one of my readers who I know is expecting a hectic few days (followed by 18 more years of it!)