About Refblog

This is my first attempt at a blog, so please bear with me. I’m also no web expert so complaints would be futile!

2011-12 will be my 13th season refereeing, having started at Uni following a back injury at school. Loved every minute of it and will continue to do so many years to come.

Want to email me – try ref@refblog.co.uk

Happy Whistling

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  1. Hey,

    Nice blog you set up here. Could do with a couple of additional touches like getting a better graphic for your header. If you need a hand with HTML or XHTML my site http://www.shadowwp.clans.com.au can help you out.

    ARJ Nelson
    Designer & Creator Of Law 23

  2. Ref

    I enjoy your blog and was wondering whether you would add my own ref blog to your blogroll.



  3. A rturo Regueiro

     /  28 January, 2011

    I would like to receive a notification each time you poste a subject.
    Thanks from Argentina


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