Getting enthused again

Evening all

Spent the last few days getting enthused about rugby again after a few weeks down time. Just had a look around the Championship and DIv 1 club web sites and everyone seems to be getting into the swing of pre-season training which in turn as re-invigorated me. I’ve got myself one of those Nike discs for my shoes so I can keep a better track of things via my iPod and use the data as a push for myself.

Also back in the saddle at the gym with my well documented love of spinning. Surely sweating that much can only be a good thing and without the sessions, I would never cycle so far in a setting. The machine on the Livestrong Bikes tells me I’m doing between 15 and 22 km in a 30-45min session with avg heartbeat of about 158, maxing out at about 180 – none of which I  would do if I was on the bike under my own steam.

Also have a new PT chap who’s going to get my arse into shape and up to speed!

Countdown is on for the RFU fitness tests next week. As ever, I’m bricking it as we have now revered to the dreaded bleep. Need to find a hypnotist as I’m sure it’s all in my head. 10.4 is the target and I’m pretty confident. Although it’s next Wednesday and looks like Im going to have to be up at 5 to get to work in London so will be pooped by the time I get to the testing! (I know, excuses in early!)

We’re also going to be getting our pre-season pep-talk from the powers that be. Not expecting any huge changes, outside of the slower scrum engagement which seems to have had a positive effect in the summer rugby we’ve seen.

Also…. drum roll….. the new kit will be unveiled. Rumour has it we’ll be in pink! The Present Mrs Refblog and those at Refblog Towers Inc say I carry off pink nicely so I guess I’m gonna have to get myself through the bleep so you can all judge for yourself!

Hope you’re all having a fun summer.