ELVs decisions announced

Following a 2 day meeting at the Lensbury, the following recommendations have been made to the iRB council on 13 May.

Seems to be good sense and logic – hoorah! Although Im slightly baffled by the numbers in the line decision. Will be interested to see whether any commentary emerges behind these decisions.

ELVs recommended to be passed into law:

  • Law 6 – Assistant referees allowed
  • Law 19 – Kicking directly into touch from ball played back into 22 equals no gain in ground
  • Law 19 – Quick throw permitted in any direction except forward
  • Law 19 – Positioning of player in opposition to the player throwing-in to be two metres away from line-out and the line of touch
  • Law 19 – Pre-gripping of line-out jumpers allowed
  • Law 19 – Lifting in the line-out allowed
  • Law 19 – Positioning of receiver must be two metres away from line-out
  • Law 20 – Five-metre offside line at the scrum
  • Law 20 – Scrum-half offside line at the scrum
  • Law 22 – Corner posts no longer touch in goal

ELVs not recommended:

  • Law 17 – Maul, head and shoulders not to be lower than hips
  • Law 17 – Maul, pulling down the maul
  • Law 19 – Freedom for each team to determine line-out numbers

ELVs sent for further examination:

  • Sanctions and free-kicks

(Source: http://www.irb.com/newsmedia/mediazone/pressrelease/newsid=2030442.html#rugby+stakeholders+agree+elv+recommendations)

No names no packdrill

Not a huge amount to report from Saturday’s travels. I’m enjoying this TJ malarkey, but not that much!!¬† Its good to get a feel for higher level rugby and it’s a confidence boost that should ref go down in the first minute, yours truly would be on and running (very very quickly!)

Thanks for all the comments that people are leaving, its nice to know a) people read my musings, b) its being of some use and c) that I can call on assistance from those out there.

My intention on this blog was to remain anonymous ( ho hum!) and at least to refrain from naming myself or the sides I’m involved with, so please can you respect that with your comments here. On other fora, things may be different but here is my control. I can edit comments and will do so if I need to remove names/clubs etc.

 Have a fun week