ELVs decisions announced

Following a 2 day meeting at the Lensbury, the following recommendations have been made to the iRB council on 13 May.

Seems to be good sense and logic – hoorah! Although Im slightly baffled by the numbers in the line decision. Will be interested to see whether any commentary emerges behind these decisions.

ELVs recommended to be passed into law:

  • Law 6 – Assistant referees allowed
  • Law 19 – Kicking directly into touch from ball played back into 22 equals no gain in ground
  • Law 19 – Quick throw permitted in any direction except forward
  • Law 19 – Positioning of player in opposition to the player throwing-in to be two metres away from line-out and the line of touch
  • Law 19 – Pre-gripping of line-out jumpers allowed
  • Law 19 – Lifting in the line-out allowed
  • Law 19 – Positioning of receiver must be two metres away from line-out
  • Law 20 – Five-metre offside line at the scrum
  • Law 20 – Scrum-half offside line at the scrum
  • Law 22 – Corner posts no longer touch in goal

ELVs not recommended:

  • Law 17 – Maul, head and shoulders not to be lower than hips
  • Law 17 – Maul, pulling down the maul
  • Law 19 – Freedom for each team to determine line-out numbers

ELVs sent for further examination:

  • Sanctions and free-kicks

(Source: http://www.irb.com/newsmedia/mediazone/pressrelease/newsid=2030442.html#rugby+stakeholders+agree+elv+recommendations)

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