Twitter comes to RefBlog

Eagle eye readers will not my Twitter feed is now on the top left of the page. WordPress caught up in the end.

Well, what a fun week. This will be a 4 game 8 days! Chief Clipboard Operator last Sat, Hampshire Cup Final on Sunday, a BUSA Semi Final on Wed and today’s league game this afternoon. Jeepers!

Wed was one of those really good games we get every now and again. I don’t normally name sides, but it was Hartbury v Loughborough in the cup semi, played on neutral territory (Newbury RFC) and for a place at HQ in a few weeks. Both sides played in a really positive spirit, not a hint of any foul play, some really good flowing rugby (backs and forwards) and skill levels abound. And a result that didn’t involve yours truly getting involved – Happy Days! All as you might expect from a Gloucester academy set up and the National Sports uni! Worth a mention to both Captains – really good to work with. Positive, receptive of “advice” and good leaders on the field – which as all referees knows is not always the case!

If these guys are the future of English rugby, then things might just be looking up.

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