Law Ruling – Scrum/Quick Throw

From the IRB:

Ruling: 1: 2009
The RFU has requested a Ruling

Ruling Required
Team A moves the ball from right to left when the final pass to a colleague close to the touchline is knocked on with the ball crossing the touchline. The non offending side immediately take a quick throw. Please can you confirm the following two options can
take place:
1. Can a quick throw take place by the non offending team?
2. Has the non offending side the option of a throw in from the touch or scrum as a means of restarting the match?

1. The Designated Members confirm that the quick throw cannot be taken as advantage cannot be played after the ball is dead.
The Definition of dead on page (viii) of the IRB Law Book 2008 is The ball is out of play.
2. The referee will award a scrum at the place of infringement in accordance with Law
12.1 (a).

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  1. Dr D

     /  27 March, 2009

    whilst applauding the iRB [what a silly use of capitalisation] for clarifying the situation I cannot agree with a decision that disincentivises positive play.

  2. Thanks Dr D – it also ignores the advantage law!

    Surely in some occaisions (i.e side getting mullered in FR) the advantage is the lineout. So quick call of scrum advantage, advantage over, lineout, is also worth considering (in my somewhat humble view!)

  3. I agree with Dr D, positive play should always be preserved


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