Another one on the rocks

Can’t believe London Welsh are in administration! They went fully pro last year and already the wheels have started to come off. Apparently they only have enough money to run for 1 more month.

A sorry state of affairs. I hope they can survive. I wonder if the WRU can step in and support them. Who knows!

A blowy day….

5pts v 6pts tells its own story.

What did I learn? That a long sleeve base layer is a very good investment!
Not a game for purists and definately one where you have to give a little leeway in mind of the conditions to generate a game of some order. Shame, because the home side had arranged a whole host of activities, some of which had to be cancelled mind you, but a decent turnout paid their money for the pleasure.
Hey ho. Hopefully the weather will be nicer to us next weekend!

Game of two halves

Interesting afternoon! Eight tries in the first half saw home side go in 45-5 up at half time. Few changes on either side, matched with a downpour and a completely different half ensued. Onlythe one try – great call from TJ – in the half, saw final score 45-12.

Wierd kind of game to referee. First half – stall set out where I needed to, loads of advantage, some great play.  Second half – just got scrappy. Watched the DVD and I cant think of what I could have done to help.  Scrums got worse – replacements!, the contact area got scrappy – wet ball, over-eagre replacements etc. Didnt really identify the scrum issue. Put it down to strong home LH prop making the most of a weakening visiting TH.  Nothing untoward, but the balance just offset the stable platform Id worked hard at.

Hey ho.  My third Div 1 and Im really pleased. Both coaches happy with me – a lot of what Im doing at the moment is what they call “player acceptance”. We have to be accepted by the clubs if we’re to progress. Whether we like it or not, that’s half the battle.  Take Mr Changleng of Scotland. He fell out with the French sides in the comp he was involved in and look what happened next. 

Ive got a long way to go but hopefully, with coaching and a lot of self learning as I go, I may well be able to cement my place in this league next year. When you’ve done that…..