Tunnel Cam and moments of sporting camaraderie

Just watched this Tunnel Cam footage from the England v Wales game and while there’s only so many times watching people going in and out of the changing rooms can be entertaining, I’m glad I held out!

At the end I saw something that reminded what I love about our game and presented a clear difference between us and our roundball comrades = Sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Bearing in mind the previous attritional 80 mins, the semi-controversial end when England could have snatched a draw, and the presenting of the Triple Crown trophy to Wales, we then saw the players crossing the tunnel to congratulate their opponents and to swap shirts. Real respect shown by a number of players – Warburton, Lydiate, Croft and Robshaw showing real respect which clearly spans both versions of the Severn Bridge/Crossing.  Didn’t realise these things still happened, but so glad they do. Great traditions that should forever be part of our game.

Have a look for yourself here:


With thanks to the rfu.com website for the footage

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