…has it really been so long since I blogged properly! So it would seem. Apologies for the 50 or so of you who seem to drop by every week to see what pearls of wisdom I may have to offer. I’m hoping the twitter feed keeps you entertained at least!!

So what’s been going on in Refblog world? Well life as a 4 person household continues to keep me rather busy, and that darned nuisance that is work doesn’t help either!! Boy boys continue to thrive – just wish the littlest hobo would sleep!! We lucked out in that department again. Hey ho – they’re both fit and healthy and that’s the important thing. Sleep can wait…

And the rugby? My inability to train to the appropr standard has taken its toll but I’ve been trotting about still and am really enjoying the games I’ve been involved in. Have been honing my AR skills at Champ level and then in the middle in Nat 2. The absence of pressure that comes with being in the pro world that is the RFU Championship is great (although I do miss it and want to get back there – I think!!)!! Been a few years since I regularly reffed at this level and it has it’s own challenges. Decided early on not to drop my own standards but to try and encourage the players to play to me. On the whole it’s worked. The main area it hasn’t has been in verbal dissent. It’s evident that some of my colleagues clearly allow the constant appealing and chat from, and between, players. Not banter, but sledging. Not a fan and I try and manage before the game, but sometimes the message doesn’t get across. Learned behaviour and all that. Please guys – just play the game. Fellow refs – please don’t let it get into our game. In the now famous words of Lord Owens of Pontyberem: “This is not soccer”!!

And on that point, the littlest hobo has once again fallen asleep on my shoulder so I’ll leave you to your Sunday.

Happy whistling!!

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