Nice to be back

Had my first run out at Panel level yesterday and, after a ring rusty start, really got to grips with the whole refereeing thing again.

While I’ve missed that Saturday morning/lunchtime trip up the A3/M27, it’s been great to be at home supporting Mrs R and doing normal family stuff, and watching the micro people growing quickly! I guess that’s what you normal people call a “weekend”.

But yesterday, I headed east, along the A27 into sunny (not) Sussex.

Reacquainted myself with my usual front row brief patter, and the good chat and banter that is the AR briefing. Good game ensued, home win secured with BP and the most important thing the losing coach had to discuss was about the use of the technical area. More than happy to listen to his problems if that’s all he had for me…

Not suffering too much this morning, so can’t be that old and out of it! Just got to get cracking with the fitness and get back into tip top shape.

Hope everyone else has had a good start to the season, whether whistling, playing or coaching.

Stay well

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