More coffee vicar?

One of the National Panel’s institutions is a splendid fellow by the name of Andrew Vertigan. He’s a Yorkshire-based Salvation Army minister and so has a unique view on the refereeing world – although now Ive written that I guess we all have a unique view given that we are all different and come from different backgrounds and occupations. Anyway… Referees come in all sorts and Vicar (as he is known in my phone book) is unique! A good man to catch up with every now and again. One of the shames of what we do is that we very rarely get to meet up with fellow refs/friends to just catch up.  We last bumped into each other when I introduced him to my regular hotel in the SW when I was running touch for him in Plymouth. A fine brekkie I seem to recall – when he’d stopped bleeding all over the table – why arent disposable razors better made!

Anyway, I just stumbled on his new blog – his pearls surrounding the challenges he is on through Lent this year. Well worth a read – here.

I too have given up a few things – chocolate (obviously!) and then crisps. Im nearly a week in and the resolve is holding out despite the efforts of Mrs Refblog who bought a bumper bag of Walkers the other day (other brands are available!) and my own stupidity in that last Monday I opened up a packet of yummy Germany choc squares with Marizpan on them – a fact Id forgotten I’d done when I decided to drop Choc for lent. Careless. They still remain opened on the side in the kitchen. Must take them to work tomorrow!

So if you see him during the next three weeks – offer him water. If you see me, offer me anything as long as it’s not chocolate or crisps!

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