Well, what an eventful few weeks = sadly not really rugby related.

As you may have gathered from my Twitter feed, the Refblog family have moved home. Well, sort of. We’ve bought and own a new home – we haven’t yet moved into it. Joys of updating a home lived in by others for over 20 years. Let’s just say that our friendly plasterer is being kept in dust sheets for a few months!!

So when we get all that done, it will be a few coats of paint, some new carpets and we’ll be able to move in!

Oh yeah, and I’ve squeezed in a few rugby matches too. Nice to see some new places too. Jersey – what a great place!

With the impending Refblog Jnr II in the offing, I’m not going to be round for the end of the season, so I’m being used as a troublesweeper while my comrades in the Champ refs squad concentrate on the play offs. I’d love to be involved at that level, but with so much going on in the Refblog world, that’s where my focus has to be.  And it wont be long before I need to be careful about how far away from home I go!

Looking forward to being involved in some pressure games of a different sort – with promotion and relegation at stake throughout the leagues, it’s good to have the confidence of my masters to be dropped into these games. Hopefully I can pay off that confidence by staying off radar and out of controversy’s way. That is after all, what we all try and do.

First stop – Daily Mail Cup semi final on Saturday!

Fingers crossed!

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