Nearly over!

Well, a long season is nearing an end. I’m honoured to have been asked to referee the Sussex Cup Final this weekend, which will be a nice way to end the season. These games are great and always good to be involved in. Will be a lower level than Ive done this year, but the players wont care and my job is to make sure they get the result they all deserve – and as ever, to try and stay away from controversy!

One when that’s done, a new dawn will soon be breaking in the Refblog household. Refblog Jnr II is due to put in an appearance in a few weeks so it’ll be back to less sleep, and trying to do a good job of being a daddy and helping Mrs R! Should be fun! Does mean Im popping this reffing malarkey back in its rightful place down the priority list. Too often, its not – not something Im particularly proud about but they (the Refblog family) are the most important thing. There’ll always be rugby, and matches to referee. But for a while, Ive got more important things to focus on. Looking forward to it and will keep you updated.

For those in play offs, or Cup Finals, or tournaments – Good luck and enjoy!!

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