Heading North

In a turn up for the RFU appointments schedule, Refblog found himself heading north (not SW) and airbound on exchange to The Land of our Kilted Brethren. Did a Prem 1 game (level below Magners) and a fun day was had by all.  33-41 final score. Good game but not a patch on the Champ games, or even, I may say, Div 1. The decision making was poor – at one stage I overtook the scrum half as he was deciding what to do when he had an overlap and no full back. Fortunately he didnt pass me the ball.  Also, being 8 points behind, the losing side received the ball from a restart. Both teams knew it was now final minute. With a bonus point on offer if they finished within 7, the clear tactic would be to receive the ball, and then go pick and drive for 60m before going for DG or to win a pen. Receiver catches and goes to contact. “Thats the way” me thinks. 9 passes to 10 who kicks up and under. “What on earth!!!” me thinks!!! Leading side receive ball and kick ball out. Final whistle. Sums up the decision making process thoughout the game.

No drama for me at all. Both sides well pleased. Seems they would prefer incoming refs! I shall say no more.

Was nice to meet Jim Fleming – one of the guys I used to watch avidly when I started reffing. He was there with his clipboard and seemed pretty pleased with our afternoon together. Also, two excellent TJs helped me out, using some cracking comms equipment. I was open mike and the comms coming in where so clear. Big difference to the kit we are using.

And so another week of training begins. I’ll let you guess which direction I’m heading next week…..

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