2 months in….

.. and the last time I blogged was a month ago. Apologies to those who seem to regularly pop by to check on my (non) musings!

Well, the reason for my absence has been a bit of refocussing, a lot of work, more gym and training and my usual travels around the country. So far this season, I’ve been to Sussex, Avon, Edinburgh, Devon, Devon, Yorkshire, Devon (as far as you can get without getting wet!) and Avon again. Spotting a theme??

But it’s all good fun. All bar two in the middle, so it’s good to get game time. With there only being six Championship games a weekend and the Elite Team taking three of them, their just isn’t the games there were last year, so to have all those in the middle is a good thing.

Performances are going pretty well too. Just the one thing that I need to work on even more – fitness and speed. You know – the easy bits!! It’s never been a strong area of mine and its now becoming spottable. So far, Ive been able to hide it and cheat (!!) but now the players are all more professional, we have to step up and match them. With the balance between Mrs Refblog and Refblog Jnr, and work, the training has been somewhat lax. But Ive now got some good advice and programmes to follow – now it’s just a mater of finding the time to make it happen. Some early morning sprinting sessions are in order.

Rumours are out there that the Elite unit may be looking to expand slightly so I have to sort this thing out if they are going to look this way! The ball, as they say is in my court!

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  1. Even if you don’t blog a lot, your twitter seems up to date, so it’s ok 🙂


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