First few games

Well, a fun few weeks – sorry for the lack of posts.

Well, Ive reffed two proper games (Champ v Prem and Nat2s league game) and all going well.

Few observations:
1) New tackle law is confusing for us all. Leading to more unplayables and more pens. Hopefully will all settle down soon. Can’t quite get my head round saying less, later (if that makes sense). Hard to be preventative really.

2) Tackler shifting must still be our priority

3) Championship looks (on the first weekend’s results) that it could lead to a fun season. Of course, most only have to finish in top 8 before the real fun begins.

4) The difference between 8th and 9th is where pressure is really going to be in the Championship this side of January. Difference between being in chance for play off for glory, or in play off for relegation could be points difference. Jeepers! Wonder where the pressure will be put?!?!

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  1. Wert

     /  7 September, 2009

    I could not agree more with the shifting the tackler observation – I’ve earned my petrol money trying to do just that this weekend – it’s not as structured as I thought it was going to be!

    I’m all for wiring players up to a tazer-style zapper – that way, when they fail to move, a quick zap/electric shock and, way hey – problem solved!

    Maybe not then… work on the preventative stuff it is!

  2. There’s a bug with your header.. figured you would probably wanna know


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