It’s the National Panel conference this coming weekend so yesterday afternoon, I spent some quality time getting to know the ELVs. As ive said before, I’d taken the deliberate step of avoiding all of them until I had finished the old season and could concentrate on them properly.

I don’t often have cause to praise the authorities, but I was genuinley impressed with the IRB ELV guide (www.irb.com/ELVs) It explains what the intention is and what the new law will read like. Some of the video clips helped me get a feel for what I’m going to see and then the likely answers to the inevitable questions. Think we’re going to be tested by clubs as they try to take advantage of the new areas. Im sure a lot of coaches have spent a lot of time going through them with a fine toothcomb to see what the law will allow them.

But I don’t have many quetsions. For example – some people have raised the question of the defending hooker. The new law says that in formation, they must be 2m off the front of the lineout. Fair enuff. No more “is he in, is he out” problems. But no other elements of law have changed, so in terms of what then happens – no change.  He can join in the maul or do whatever he always used to do, except become a front lifter. He wont be able to get there in time to be effective. Hey ho!

Haven’t really found any major issues. Some areas need clarification, but that is what will come out of the weekend. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Sober soul

     /  27 June, 2008

    Are you saying you will be able to remember much of what was discussed at the conf?

    Here’s I thinking it was one long weekend pi**-up! LOL

    Will be interesting to hear what comes out wrt to the ELVs and what concerns the Nat League coaches have


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