Summer focus

In a moment of madness weakness, and to support a friend who has been losing some serious weight (7 stones and counting), I have signed up to do the Great Yorkshire Run on September 7th.

Never done any form of endurance activity before so its an interesting experience to go out on the streets and train that way. Can’t say its top of my fun things to do list and my will power is weak, but Im determined to get through it. Im trying to do some weekly long runs (1/2 hour at a stretch) so hopefully with the time issue under my belt, the distance will just sort itself out. No targets on time, I just want to get round with my two running mates and raise some money for charity. We’re running it for The Prostrate Charity, a worthy cause who are helping said mate’s father through a small local difficulty at the moment. Caught early so hopefully all will be well.

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Comments and advice in the usual way please!

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