Happy days

Today I am feeling old (it’s my birthday), but also rather pleased that in December, there will be a little ref within the community.



Refblog is going to be a daddy!


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  1. Tel

     /  12 June, 2008

    well done mate congrats to you & Mrs refblog. Drinkies on you at conference, bubbly stuff from the Methòde Champagnoise vineyards in France methinks.

  2. Hearty....

     /  12 June, 2008

    …congratulations! Well done mate!

  3. Well, they are harder to order around than 30 blokes on the field!

  4. Andy

     /  18 June, 2008

    Congrats to you both. I could only wish that you get as much enjoyment/pride out of your offspring, as I have had from mine.

  5. Ben Whyte

     /  21 June, 2008

    Congratulations to you both. Something to occupy you out of season


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