Not an April fool….

.. but tomorrow evening I shall be mainly doing….. wait for it…… pilates!

I had a health screen done a few weeks ago c/o the RFU and core stability was one of the key outcomes. Had some lower back issues in the past and apparently that all in, means I really need to beef up my core.

Coincidentally at the gym the present Mrs Ref and I go to, there’s a new pilates course starting so best bite the bullet and go for it. New one for me, so will report back later in the week!

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  1. Bigdai

     /  1 April, 2008

    Its much better than you think. Do it right and you will be sweating to begin with.

  2. Hi RefBolg

    There’s a bizarre blog-led game of tag doing the rounds so (sorry to do this to you) but consider yourself TAGGED!

    There’s more info on my blog at

    I wasn’t sure it was really my sort of thing but once you get started it’s almost fun 🙂

    Don’t worry if it’s not your cup of tea though…



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