An even damper Saturday!

A change of match for me saw me heading to the far south west rather than the west midlands so an overnighter in my fav hotel was in order. Listening to the weather battering against the hotel window on Fri evening was a tad daunting after Wednesday, but Sat morning brought sunlight and a breeze. Boy was that to change!!

An odd game to watch from the side (TJ duty again). Visitors played the home side at their own game and came out the victors. A ‘healthy’ wind gusting end to end and the home side just didn’t use it. Lots of pick and drive and one side who gave a large space on the back foot. The others trod the line less carefully and were penalised accordingly.

Next weekend, I’ve been asked to ref one of the County Cup finals in the South East. A privilege to be asked and I’m looking forward to heading back to some familiar territory. 

Have a good week!

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