Since our southerm hemisphere chums started playing under the full set of ELVs, I took a decision not to watch any of it. Purely because I didnt want to get into the mindset of watching rugby under one set of laws and then to referee a different set. My little brain can barely cope under normal circumstances never mind with all that.

 On the excellent rugby365.com web site there is an analysis produced by Andre Watson (now Referees Manager at SARU). The report (http://www.rugby365.com/laws_referees/home/172854.htm) outlines the changes in the game compared to last years comp at this stage.

Interestingly, there has been a 40% increase in  Pens/FKs. In 2007, there were 437 pens and FKs comared to 615 so far in 08. The strange bit is in Andre’s comment:

Comment: Because of free kicks  in lieu of penalties

So he seems to be saying that where we used to Pen, we now FK. Not a problem with that but surely having more Pen’s or FKs in a game is a bad thing, not a good thing. Though the new ELVs were supposed to help reduce the stoppages, not increase them?

 Anyone been watching and care to comment??

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  1. Two things here, firstly players (and refs) are less familiar with the new laws and are more likely to test boundaries and make mistakes.

    Secondly, referees may less disinclined to whistle if the consequence is a FK rather than a penalty, again, a feature of needing the changes to bed down.

    Either way, the game wasn’t broken, what needed fixing?


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