A proper cup semi

I’ll quickly scoot past the awesome Welsh Grand Slam victory, as it’s really not my place to gloat.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a cup semi in one of the national competitions. A typical comp – North v South, both level 5 (one South West 1 and one North 1) played on a solid pitch, with the winner lining up a day at Twickenham in 4 weeks. 

Brief to the TJ’s was clear – “Whatever happens, the result of this isn’t going to be down to us.” And so it came to pass. Despite a near Refblog record of 4 yellow cards, it was a really exciting game. Nothing you would call really skillful and some pretty woeful finishing, but there you go – a typical cup semi. One side, I think, wanted it more.

4 yellows: two foul play – one either side, two repeat infringements – one for either side.  Easiest ones in the book. I do sometimes wonder about putting a panel ref on non-panel games in that regard. They clearly aren’t used to being refereed in that way, and for them to adjust so quickly can’t be easy, when so much is at stake. But they all appreciated our efforts and a great team of 3 operation. One great foul play call from one, and a try decision from the other. In a 12-16 final score , those calls are massive and make a difference so you really have to trust the guys to get it right. And get it right we did.

Pretty sure you won’t see and mentions of us in the match reports – just how we like it!

NB – did I mention an awesome Wales win?

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  1. Andy

     /  17 March, 2008

    Did Wales win something?????

    Let’s see

    U20’s Six Nations ?……. Nah that was England

    Womens Six Nations ?…… Nah that was England as well

    A Team Six nations ?……. Did Wales enter a team?

    Senior Six nations ? …… Oh there it is …..

    All joking aside …. I did think of you jumping up and down as Shane W went over for the try and congratulations well due to the Welsh team for a fine and well deserved Grand Slam.

    And I knew you’d mention it at some point..

  2. WT

     /  18 March, 2008


    Sounds like a great day at the office in the Cup semi, but I reckon Mr Sheasby and co would have been more used to you panel refs than you might think 😉
    And it looks like they’ll be getting NP refs every week next season, bar a complete balls up!

    Well done a good game thou.


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