Let the season begin!

The shorts are ironed. The bag is packed. The shirts are hanging on the door. The fuel tank is full. I’ve read (and re-read) the Law Book and I’m ready to go!

My season starts tomorrow at Twickenham of all places. I am still on London Society’s books and therefore have the honour of being invited to referee at the Middlesex 7s. I was thinking about it last night and I think tomorrow will be my 7th year at HQ to kick the season off – always a fantastic way to get the brain and the body moving again. 

Always a concern with the lack of pre-season games beforehand, but what the hell!! The adrenalin always kicks in. Got two games at the mo (possibly a third by the time the tournament kicks off) so keep your eyes peeled on Sky Sports Extra at 11 and 12.20 for yours truly who will be tottering about trying to get into frame for all the 7s action.

I’ll try and twitter if I can get coverage throughout the day so keep an eye on the feed on the top left, or come over and find me there (@refblog).

Happy New Season!!

(PS Will blog about the fantasic preliminary Olympics decision during the week!)

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