Well, it seems I have been outed on one of the national league fora. To all my new readers – welcome. Hope this gives some insight to the fun life we all lead on this side of the whistle.

Worth reminding newcomers of my first post: https://refblog.co.uk/2007/05/30/welcome-post/

The sentiments and content remain. Please have a look at it as it sets out what I intended (and still intend) to use this blog up for.   This is a no names, no pack drill blog and it remains my intention not to discuss specific incidents or players outisde of my own considered thoughts. Although of course at the level I operate, it becomes easier to identify who is who, especially from the clubs perspective. Please bear that in mind.

For the last few years I’ve had about 15 regular readers – most of whom I know and know me.  Thank you for your regular feedback though the last few years. Keep it coming.

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  1. Sorry if it was a big secret! You have been dropping some big hints by including the scores!

  2. Opps, wasn’t me on the forum, phew!


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