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I’ve been thinking of setting up this blog for a while. Been wondering what benefit it would have for a) me, b) you and c) rugby in general. I’m not sure I’ve answered all three yet.

I’ve been keeping an eye on blogging refs for a while and while there seems to be some guys who do blog, the majority seem to be football refs (soccer to my American readers!) and none seem to be UK-based rugby referees.

I’ve been thinking it would help me if I could get some of my own experiences and thoughts off my chest. The downside is, that I would/could be restricted in what I could write about. Rugby clubs shouldn’t criticise referee’s on the web and therefore a referee shouldn’t be able to criticise players/clubs/coaches on the web.

My plan is to use this blog to do a few things:

1) have a channel to write down some thoughts that are useful in my own refereeing development, that my coach/colleagues can monitor

2) to be able to seek views/thoughts/comments on matters relating to rugby and refereeing

3) to perhaps provide a service to fellow referees – links to refereeing sites, appointments advice and support etc

4) Looking for comment on situations or new initiatives/laws etc

What I won’t be doing is:

1) being critical of fellow referees (constructuve comments hopefully)

 My plan is to blog about matches I referee, what I learnt, what I could have done better and anything general that I want to share.

By it’s very nature, you may be able to identify the matches and the characters that are out there. If you do recognise yourself/your team, I’m not going to get into discussions about specifics.

I aim to leave comments open for you to have your say. Personal abuse will not be tolerated. If it happens, I will switch the moderation on.

I’m off on an international exhange soon, so plan on keeping a daily update here on Refblog.co.uk. Keep checking up. I’ve added RSS to help!

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  1. Davet

     /  5 June, 2007

    I think this is a good idea. as a grass roots rugby ref I would be very happy to get a clearer understanding of some of the issues facing those higher up the ladder. I can see it being a good learning tool for you, and you may receive observations from other refs regarding some of the issues you will be writing about.

    How helpful these observationms will be is a different matter.

    It will be important to maintain a sense of scientific detachment at all times- not easy when some issues get emotional.

    Good luck, I await your postings with interest.

  2. davet

     /  5 June, 2007

    I just did leave a comment – which dissappeared when I clicked submit.

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