Im not going to start commenting on the fun and games that seems to be RFU v FDR but it’s definitely unnerving at the moment – mainly for the clubs. They just don’t know what they are playing for and at some stage we, as match officials, are going to start bearing the brunt of it.

The knock on effect is also coming into play further down the league structure. The Div 2s don’t know what they are playing for – 1 up or 2?, then the Div 3s don’t know if they will exist next year? Or will it all go regional at that level?

So many questions.

Here’s another one for thought – The RFU stated aim is to have:

A 12-team Championship, currently National Division One, will develop English players, coaches and referees in a competitive, professional and financially secure environment.

Referees? Professional environment? Interesting times!

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  1. Jacko

     /  12 November, 2008

    Sounds distinctly like the Elite Panel may be expanding. Any thoughts on whether that will mean an expansion of the overall Panel? That could make the transition from Group to Panel easier!!

  2. EckyThump

     /  13 November, 2008

    I think the Championship officials will come under the umbrella of the Elite – it has to. As for the community game – looks like the panel will be restructued of sorts, esp if level five becomes “Div Three”, but I don’t think it should mean an easier pathway onto group. You’re either good enough or you’re not IMHO.

  3. I agree Ecky on both points. Issue still remains about a larger Elite though. At the moment 60% of Div 1 games are done my non-elite refs.

    I’ve not been involved in any discussions about who would provide the referees for this new Div 3 – Panel or Groups. May remain the same, may be broadened into an enlarged Panel. Who knows, no-one has approved all this yet so IMHO we are some way off it actually happening.


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