Well, been an interesting two weeks. Last Sunday saw me in West London looking after a local derby between the top two sides in the league. Fun afternoon. Tough first half and then the visitors opened up in the second, despite playing up the hill. Had an interesting moment with an idiot spectator who decided to use his silver drinks tray to flash the sunlight at the kicker as he lined up a conversion. No effect but 2 minutes later we end up in the same spot on the field with a penalty kick at goal and I see him do it again. I ask kicker to hold on and march up to the chap behind the posts and make a fool out of him. He handed it over and I gave it to my AR to look after. Home club have found out who it was an banned him for the rest of the season – good on them!

It’s always good when you do a game like that and at the end, no-one is pointing fingers in your direction, so really felt like that was a result for me.  Little bit rusty after 2 weeks off (one for illness, one for planned weekend break with Mrs Refblog) and it showed (said Mr Panel Manager) but I improved and the game did as well.

Yesterday saw me back in the middle of a Div 1 fixture in SW London. Away win in poor conditions and once again, two pleased coaches with little to say to me afterwards. Really think Im now in the “Div 1 Referee” club, rather than the “Wannabe Div 1” Club.  The next issue is how do I start showing more! I don’t feel I’ve reached my level yet – but it’s a huge leap from here to the next level. Need to be doing lots more of these sorts of games so the Panel Mgt feel they can give me any game going in that league.

Hoping the arrival of Refblog Jnr won’t have an adverse affect on things. Going to be a nerve racking few weeks – especially with a work trip to Switzerland and two reffing trips to the SW. Every time my phone goes it will set me off. But hey ho – must remain focussed and get on with the job in hand!

Anyone know anything about Major Stanleys XV?? Got them against Oxford Uni next week as part of their (OU) build up to the Varsity game. Should be fun!!

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  1. [quote]Hoping the arrival of Refblog Jnr won’t have an adverse affect on things[/quote]

    Good luck with that!

  2. exlucy

     /  12 November, 2008

    yep, good luck…. jeez, talk about pressures and stress !! you seems to love it though!!


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