Ton’s up!

Apparently, this is my 100th post -hurrah for me!!

Long old trek up north yesterday for the thrice yearly fitness test. I’m sure, dear readers, you love such events as much as me, and I can’t begin to scribe my exact feelings! Pleased to say there was progress in most areas and I wasn’t instantly thrown off the National Panel afterwards so I guess all is well.

Still not happy with how I am, but still a few weeks off the start of the season. Got a feel for my first batch of appointments and I’m pretty pleased – carrying on where I left off last year so again, pretty chuffed.

I’ll be carrying on blogging throughout the season – I’ve enjoyed the last 100 posts and hope the next 100 are as enjoyable – for us all. If you want to pass the link around your Society, please do so. Im occasionally disappointed by the readership levels, but that’s not why I do this!

Hope your summer’s are going well!

Happy holidays!

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  1. Its probably a good job my only fitness assessment is from Wii Fit!!!


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