An a-typical day….

12.15am (yes – really!) – call from club to say expected evening snow has not materialised and game is on

 5.15am Alarm goes off

5.45am Leave for airport

6.15am Check in for flight to Manchester

7.10am Flight delayed for 10 mins (phew!) Dreading cancellation as 5 hour car journey is pushing it and not ideal prep!

8.25am Flight lands in Manchester having watched Cheshire under clearly a load of snow!

8.27am Leave plane

8.29am Call from club – most apologetic but expected evening snow arrived at 3am and there’s 2 1/2 inches on the pitch which they just can’t clear.  Match postponed.

8.30am Collect kit bag from carousel and then find strong coffee

8.45am. Call other officials to make sure they know they have free day.

8.50am Collect hire car. Plan was to drive the 80 miles north of Manchester, ref and then drive back to south coast airport. ETA Midnight

8.55am. Call Panel Mgt to advise of situation. Say I’ll be on M6, M42, M40 if anyone cries off and its convenient for me to detour.

9am. Call back from Panel Mgt. Ref who lives 15 mins from my intended desitination is struggling to get out of village due to snow. Im now TJ1 at EDF Cup game in the Midlands.

11am. Snooze at Service Station on M6 Toll Road. Catch up with Ref who says that they are worried about the pitch! Great.

12.00 noon. Arrive at club. Pitch doesn’t look ideal but playable – sun is shining and they say its got better in last hour.

1pm Visiting club arrive. Advises 2 capts t go and check itch and say they are happy.

1.10pm Both sides happy

2pm. Kick off.

3.35pm Final whistle. No drama. No flags, little input. No controversy.

 4.15 Leave club

4.31 Text from wife to gloat that England winning

6.23pm Call (English) wife to gloat about England getting stuffed! Yay!!!!

6.25pm. Drop hire car off at airport and collect own car.

6.45pm Home.

8.00pm Blog

8.30pm – Go pick up supper. Wife paying. She lost the day’s bet! Hoorah!

All in all, a strange day. But worth every penny!!

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  1. Tel

     /  4 February, 2008

    No sympathy at all after my weekend

  2. You poor thing!


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