Travels – here I come!

Well, it’s Sunday afternoon and Ive just offloaded the in-laws after lunch and now contemplating the weeks ahead.

Having TJ’d yesterday at my nearest appt for 2 years (only 55 miles), I now look forward to my next 2 weekend trips. Just booked my flight up to Manchester for next Saturday and my hire car to transport me the additional 70 miles and then the 300 miles home afterwards. Damned flights. In order to keep some form of marriage going I don’t like being away for 2 nights running so do whatever I can to get back on the Sat eve.  If anyone has any desire to travel by plane from the north to Southampton, then don’t think you can get anything after 1pm! Great.

The weekend after is an exception to my 1 night rule, but then duty calls. Ive got to (harsh I know) travel to Milan where I’ll be taking charge of my first international. It v France U18s. What fun. Flying out Friday, back Sunday afternoon. Really looking forward to the opportunity. I can get away with my rugby French but my Italian skills end after the starters menu at Zizzis!  Any of you, dear readers, know any Italian rugby phrases?

 Have a fun week, whatever you get up to.

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  1. Bryan

     /  28 January, 2008

    Best of Luck in Italia.

    For a good idea of italian phrases, try this link, essentially an Italian condensed laws of the game. It is ordered by Law, so you can always pull out the Good Book if you need to reference anything:

    Click to access 14374.PDF

    Judging by the fact that the other TJs and Assessor are Italian, you can always pass the buck and make them take all the heat.

    Mind you, the general rule is that the more you penalize each team, the less they will understand English!


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