A Sat off

Im on duty on Monday evening so had a Sat off this weekend although that was  almost blown out of the water. Almost called up to run touch in London but Im indebted to one of my dear readers for being closer than me at the time of reckoning!

Just heard my Mon night game has had the oppo changed, so now will be faced with an international front row and number 8 on the visiting side rather than the anticipated Div1 squad players. Big bowl of pasta at lunchtime for me!

Hope I can get away from work in good time!

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  1. Dear Reader

     /  30 October, 2007

    52 -12 sounds like you had to work a bit. Beer will, I presume, be made available at December conference for my flag waving favour.

  2. Indeed it was. Quite impressive to see such a decent front row devour the Blues.

    Nice evening’s work, even if I do say so myself.


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