Back to normality

Well, RWC is over and we’re now back to the business of proper rugby (shall we say!)

I hope the RFU realise the importance of refereeing to the game as they evaluate the Cup. We have shown how we can (and are) world leaders in this area and we must not step backwards from that. I wonder whether we will see an increase in investment in the refereeing world. I seem to remember all the football refs went pro a few years ago. An interesting thought for the annuls of HQ.

 I will be getting back to the fundamentals of why I started this outlet. Me, my games, my development, with the odd comment and discussion (hopefully) around our great sport and our role in it.

Feel free to pass the link on to your refs societies. If you think others may benefit, then pass the word round.

Be back soon with some thoughts on my start to the season.

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