I seem to be getting more and more hits here so for those of you just checking in for the first time – welcome.

As you can see from my posts, Im still getting the hang of it. Im trying to use this as an avenue to get things off my chest, but in a controlled way. You won’t find me criticising fellow refs here, or the players involved in my games. I’ll leave that to other sites.

Hopefully, you’ll find some useful things here, so do keep coming back. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to be doing here.

Feel free to pass the link from your own referees society pages. In due course, I’ll create a links page for refs societies. Leave me the relevant links as a comment and I’ll get there in the end.

As for this weekend, Im off to the south Midlands to run touch. Should be good. Been a while since Ive officiated where Im going and much has changed. Despite my gallic background, I am hoping to make it back to the south coast in time for Mr Rolland to blast the RWC Final off. I do hope he doesn’t become the story.

To you all out there – happy whistling!

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