Points to prove

Well, I’m back up north again on Saturday, I’m definitely clocking up the airmiles. Can’t be many refs on the panel who fly to the majority of their games!?! 540 mile round trip is best done in the air!

Ive had two formal reports so far this year. The first was good, apart from some scrum issues which no one was really sure how to solve. The second I’m still waiting for. The assessor and I discussed some issues in his draft and am waiting for the final version.

Without going to details, I’ve got some points I need to prove this weekend. Need a kick-ass performance.

Fingers crossed for 2 positive sides, an overcast day and a safe and clear journey.

Downside of flying up north is that I have to get the train back (no planes out of Yorkshire on a Sat eve) so will be missing the French win, but will try and get GNER wifi to work and follow it via the BBC web site.

Happy Whistling!

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  1. Tel

     /  12 October, 2007

    One presumes that you are referring to the France win vs Faroe Islands in the Euro Qualifiers, thought you didn’t follow the round ball game.
    While I’m on do you know why on earth Betson has been allowed to play on Saturday night after having his bell so well and truly rung in the Kiwi game that he didn’t know what planet he was on.

  2. As you well know, I dont follow the round ball game!

    Betson – I too was confused but they seem adamant that he has passed every neurological test going. Seems the old concussion = 2 weeks off rule as blown away.

    Well, we’ll see what happens!

  3. Tel

     /  15 October, 2007

    As predicted Faroe Islands 0-6 France.

    Oh and England in another Rugby World Cup Final.


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