Scrum issues

Evening all

Sorry for the delay in the weekly posts – crazy week at work! Had a fun trip up north at the weekend. Visitors were, to be fair, pretty poor up front. Lost 9 of their 14 lineouts which shows that it was an interesting afternoon!  End result 40 odd points to 6.

Worked really hard at the breakdown and we have good quick ball all afternoon – happy days!  Issue of the day was scrums. Frankly we had a dominant scrum to the home side, but there were competitive props. Hope that makes sense. They were having their own little battles which caused it to be untidy all day.

We had plenty of practice at it. 43 scrums of which 13 were reset. We also 6 pens and free kicks – one of them a penalty try for the defending 5m scrum crumpling going backwards. 

I went through the full range of options – FK, pen, chats, pen, pen try. My only outstanding option was to yellow card.  Now, main prob was the loose head. He was replaced on half time and his replacement wasn’t much better. My thought was this: Would a yellow, therefore bringing the first guy back, have solved the problem?? – none of us officials present thought so.

Chatting about it yesterday with a colleague, his view was that I should have done it anyway. If the guy coming back was still causing probs, he should have gone too. If that means uncontested, then so be it. His view was that I accepted the problem and didn’t go through the full range available to me. An interesting view which I have some sympathy with. Will certainly be discussing that with my coach and probably changing my mindset in the future.

Anyway, thoughts as ever are welcome. Barnesy is on the TV doing a fine job (again) with Samoa v USA. Should concentrate on that!

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