Well, its the end of week 1 of the RWC 2007 and Ive seen a fair few games. Just back from Cardiff having seen Wales victory in the second half against Australia and a great game between Fiji and Canada.

Now just watching and France v Namibia game and wish I had something controversial to write about.

It seems, and rightly so, that the RWC is, so far, all about the players. It always worries me when the ref becomes the story – a bit like Graham Poll in our football fraternity.

Good stuff.  Saw Spreaders today and he reffed exacly the same as he did on the TV last Friday night. The only thing that seems slightly different is the advantage interpretation. Some guys are calling it over v quickly, others less so. I guess it will all level out sooner or later.

Steve Walsh had a good game yesterday, I thought. Could have been a bit harder on the late hits. Alfie and Latham could/should both have had spells in the bin, I thought. 

Sure Paddy O will be calling a meeting of all officials to go through a few things in the next week or so. If that’s all that’s on the agenda, then happy days

 Great! I get to this stage of my blog and some numpty Namibian tries to decapitate Chabal. Missed it in real time and the slow mo doesnt look that bad, but Mr Rolland (who’s not one of those refs to readily go in his pocket), delivered a straight red.

Did I speak to soon?

Thoughts welcome as ever!

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  1. The Saint

     /  16 September, 2007

    Namibian #8 Red Card – Classic reffing, warn, tell, penalise. His fault for being too stupid to take the hints. It was the player’s third high tackle in ten minutes. No fault of Alain Rolland. though he has just missed a blatant forward pass leading to another French try!


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