And let the season begin!

Well, tomorrow is dawning quickly and the first league Saturday of the season is nearly upon us.

I’ve had the proverbial kick up the backside after last week’s outing from my coach (after raeading assessors correct comments)

The kit bag is packed

The accomdation is booked (staying with Little Sis – hope she’ll supply me with an invoice!)

The refreshments are chilling

The pre-match prep is done

The routine for tomorrow is set

So…. let the games begin!

Good luck to all you chaps and chapettes on duty this season. May the whisltle treat you well, and the players even better.

The comments are open so please feel free to report your own activities or thoughts over the new season

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  1. Richard Dutch Holland

     /  2 September, 2007

    Good luck with your new season, from one rookie 2nd season ref to the pro!

  2. Thanks Richard – but must take umbrance with your suggestion that Im a pro! Good lord, I’ll share with you any assessors/coaching report to prove the contrary! 😉

    Have a good one yourself


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