First game!

Well, had my first 80 minutes of the season at the weekend. London Irish A v Esher – not the gentle ease in any of us would like to start the season off! But hey, was great to get that game at this stage! Would have bitten someones hand off for it last year!

Don’t know where you were on Saturday, but it was bloody hot in Sunbury on Thames, even with a 5.30 kick off.

It went surprisingly well. Was fast and furious at times, but ended up being rather disjointed. Had a few of those pens which normally I wouldn’t have blown but at this level, and at this stage, I wanted to start the season off as I mean to go on!  For example, a bit of seldging (he actually used the c word as they packs were setting). Other was the scrum half pushing his opp round the scrum. Just no need for it, but had I not dealt with it there and then, who knows where it would have ended up!

Was a little lazy at times, especially in the second half, as a wise owl in the stand pointed out to me later on. Its always good when you know you’re doing it and they spot it. Shows there are quality assessors around!

Wasn’t happy with my scrum. Set and engage went fine, but then started to pop up in second half. Blew a few gimme’s but few more I let go and reset. Sometimes they are the hardest. Will need to have a chat with a hooker or two in the next few weeks to get some advice.

Losing coach didn’t have a great deal to say which is always a good sign. What he did say was positive and in the right spirit so happy days!

Anyway, will hopefully see a DVD at some stage so may have more thoughts later on.

Have a good week readers!

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