So, after a week or so off, it’s time to start thinking about the season ahead and its never easy to get monivated or inspired to head back to the gym.

Have to say, Im usually in that category entirely but being invited to the nat one clubs conference in August is a pretty good motivator. Oh, and the live TV that is the Middlesex 7s. Can’t wait for either – for obviously different reasons!

Also had my new kit through from HQ. You gonna see some very swanky looking match officials this year.  All small things but really act as a motivator to stat the season well. I can’t afford to have a slow warm up and be at full speed sometime towards the end of September. Full speed starts on August 18th, live on TV at the home of rugby in the UK. Add that to fitness testing on 22nd August by the girls at Worcester Uni and a coach who deserves to see his charge do well, (and a charge who wants to do well by his coach) and you got quite a few motivators all bundled up into one.

 Whatever your motivation is, start thinking about what’s around the corner. It’ll be right with us before you can blink!

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