First month in

Well, here we are nearing the end of September and we’re well into the new season.

2 Pre-season games, 2 Championship games reffed, 1 Championship game AR’d and 2 National One games reffed. What next? Who knows. Waiting on appointments but hoping for another batch of Champ games. Nothing to suggest I won’t but we just don’t know how everyone else is performing and appointments are done on form (and rightly so!)

So anything new learnt? No, not really, I stand by my last but one post. Last two NL1 games have really shown me the gap between them and the Championship. Huge! Intensity is nowhere near, crowds are nowhere near but we still have to adapt accordingly and make sure they sides still decide the outcome of these games. A 55 v 5 thriller for me this weekend left little room for controversy.

Enjoying the season so far. Hope it carries on!