Time off!

Evening all

Can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I wrote something on here. Not good – sorry readers!

Had 2 weeks off due to wedding and then was a bit poorly last week, so was nice to get out again today. Great game – 25-44 final score and no real drama. Did feel like I hadn’t reffed for 3 weeks, but think I got away with it. Hitting the gym in the morning for a spinning session and then probably again on Tuesday.

Off for a winter break to Germany next weekend, so another week off and then back into the Championship with some nice big games in December. Got a big local derby on Boxing Day with which work wonders for my Chrimbo diet! Focus the will-power like nothing before!

All good fun at the moment. Mrs Refblog is with child once again (yippeee! šŸ™‚ ), so got some decisions to make about the future, job is usual corporate fun and games, and Ive just sold my house. Anything gonna happen???? Jeepers – I need to stop the world for a few hours so I can breathe!



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