RugbyExpo podcasts

Another mailing into Refblog Towers from a commercial outfit, this time supporting the RugbyExpo coming up in November. Sadly I can’t afford to attend (£500!) but there’s some interesting stuff on these series of podcasts following a round table they’ve done discussing on all things rugby. There are five podcasts that cover a range of issues including rugby league franchises, the Olympics, future and past innovations and the disconnect between grassroots rugby and the professional game.

The podcasts can be found here

or if you want to go to the gig.

Sometimes wish the day job was more rugby related. I joined my current employer a few weeks before they pulled out of sponsoring the Premiership (think big Swiss insurer!) Ggggrrrrr!

NB While I mention podcasts, you might also want to check out The Rugby Podcast on iTunes. Great weekly update!

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